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About Us

"The aim of art is to represent not the outward appearance of things, but their inward significance."

- Aristotle

At Ninjaneer Studios our philosophy is simple; we love what we do. Period. We believe that truly great art reflects the love and care put into its making, and our mission is to bring finely crafted animation to every industry. Whether it’s entertaining, advertising, or instructing the goal of great animation is to evoke an emotional response in those that watch it.

Founded in 2010, Ninjaneer Studios is the collective brain-child of Joseph Rosa, Heather Knott, and Christopher Brown. A full service studio specializing in 3D animation and projection mapping content, our production pipeline encompasses all stages of the design process from project conception to final product. Employing a full time staff of dedicated digital media professionals, we achieve the needs of our clients in a manner which is both visually stimulating and memorable.

Every day we strive to conduct ourselves and our work in accordance with three core values:

  • Commitment to Innovation:

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    Commitment to Innovation:

    As the uses for computer generated imagery evolves, staying current on those infinitely varying purposes is key to creating great and memorable animation. We are dedicated to continually familiarizing ourselves with new programs, techniques, and mediums both within and outside of the animation industry.
  • Commitment to Quality:

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    Commitment to Quality:

    The way we see it, if you believe in something, you don’t give it anything less 100%. Every project, large or small receives the same level of attention and detail, resulting in a one-of-a-kind product that is tailor made to fit your needs. Our process aims to exceed your expectations and is achieved through an unyielding dedication to the caliber and fidelity of our work.
  • Commitment to Community:

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    Commitment to Community:

    While we do work with clients from outside of Orlando and the surrounding areas, we are devoted to remaining local and working local. Founded in 2010 by three graduates of the University of Central Florida, we employ more than 90% of our staff locally. Strong roots in the place we call home allow us to not only flourish, but to give back as well.