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Digital animation. 3D projection mapping. Motion Graphics. Interactive installations.

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Ninjaneer Studios: A multi-faceted content creation studio
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Demo Reel

At Ninjaneer Studios our philosophy is simple; we love what we do. Period. We believe that truly great art reflects the love and care put into its making, and our mission is to bring finely crafted animation to every industry.

Our Demo Reel showcases all of our different facets, from product demos to large scale projection mapping shows.

3D Projection Mapping Demo Reel

Projection mapping is a technique where projectors and specialized software is used to turn arbitrary objects or surfaces, such as buildings or cars, into a display surface for video projection. This technique is used to add extra dimensions, optical illusions, and notions of movement onto previously static objects, creating the illusion that the object itself is being manipulated.

Ninjaneer Studios is committed to combining the spectacle of Projection Mapping with the in-depth storytelling of a complex narrative.

Concepts Demo Reel

Product visualization has become a common tool for companies to help inform consumers on the usage and benefits of their products. Utilized by marketing and sales teams alike, these videos help describe complex products visually, garnering greater understanding in a shorter amount of time.

Because Ninjaneer Studios approaches every project from a storytelling point of view, your product stands apart from the rest.

Corporate Demo Reel

Wondering how to explain your company's product or service? Animated infographics and service visualizations can communicate your message to potential clients in a memorable and unique way by utilizing 2D and 3D animation.

Ninjaneer Studios is committed to illustrating your company's story.

Meet some of our clients
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The Original Ninjaneers:
Founded in 2010, Ninjaneer Studios is the collective brain-child of Joseph Rosa, Heather Knott, and Chris Brown.


Joseph Rosa


Heather Knott


Chris Brown